Geocachers Starter Kit

Geocachers Starter Kit
Geocachers Starter Kit

Item Description

This Geocaching starters kit is perfect for all budding Geocachers! It contains everything you need for visiting, making and repairing Geocaches!

  • Rubber Sealed Tin
  • Compass
  • LED Mini Torch
  • 5x Silica Gel packets
  • 10x Micro Log Clip-lock Bags
  • 5x Micro Log Sheets
  • 5x Small Log Sheets
  • 2x Small Pencils
  • 3x Laminated Stash Cards
  • 1x Micro Metal Cache Container

There is also room for storing more personal Geocaching items, so you can customise this base kit to suit your needs - just make sure you don't forget it next time you go caching!

Brand: Geo-Box
Product Code: KITSTA
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: £9.99
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